Ducklings are one of the Reception classes in our lovely EYFS unit and are taught by Mrs Bottomley.

Our day consists of learning through play where we support, encourage and guide the children’s learning and independence through self-chosen activities and engaging experiences such as welly walks, theme days and trips to local amenities including Lidl and Pets at Home to name a few.

Alongside our play based learning we also come together as a group at various points throughout the day for a phonics and maths meeting. Our maths meetings are based on Mathematics Mastery and focus on developing number recognition, accurate counting, measuring and pattern recognition. Our phonics meetings follow the SFA program and encourage children’s reading through learning of synthetic phonics and the segmenting and blending of words.

We want to foster a passion for reading within the EYFS that will hopefully continue throughout the children’s lives and so also incorporate Talk for Writing in to our week which aims to develop the children’s story telling and the use of story language in their play. We love curling up with a ‘good book’ at the end of our busy days and encourage children to read a choice of books (reading scheme or library) to their parents/carers at home at least three times a week.

We hope that parents/carers will be fully involved with their child’s progress in Reception and so we use Class Dojo as a form of communication where parents can view and comment on their child’s learning over time.

Here's a link to a really good site for information on keeping under 5s safe online; we use some of the resources in school during their year in Reception.  With young children having increasing access to digital technology, I recommend you give the site a look.