ARC-Advancing self-Regulation in Children

New from September 2019 our ARC provision current consists of two classes which support the needs of some of our most vulnerable students.

Owls class (KS2 provision) started in September and Starlings (KS1 provision) started in October.

Both classes have been introduced, for the children who have displayed behaviour that have been a barrier to their learning, and therefore struggling to function in class. Obstacles have been caused by extreme behaviour, mental health concerns and/or social difficulties.

Some of these children have experienced trauma which has hindered their ability to cope in a mainstream classroom.

ARC provides these children initially with a therapeutic approach to their schooling, which we believe will eventually enable them to become ‘ready to learn’ and access their learning.

Owls and Starlings is an integral part of Clements School. The children in Owls and Starlings attend assembly, enjoy social time with peers and return to their classes for learning when it is appropriate.

Both Owls and Starling classes provide a consistent approach which is adapted to meet the needs of each individual child. Intervention is provided in a consistent, caring way in a safe environment supporting the children to manage their emotions and learn to self-regulate when they become stressed.

ARC tries to understand the behaviours of the children and not label them as ‘naughty’, but possibly anxious or scared. The children’s behaviour is communicating for them at a time when they are unable to, they are outside their window of tolerance. Such behaviours are managed with care in a safe environment in a supportive and positive way. Staff attempt to enable the children to develop strategies and approaches to self-regulate and manage their emotions in order to return to their class with their peers successfully.

ARC supports small steps of progress tailored to the individual child which is fluid depending on their needs, staff are compassionate and dedicated in their approach in supporting the children. Children have access to a fully qualified Play Therapist for a session a week.

Parents are an integral part of the process in supporting the children and good relationships are a strength. Regular meetings enable staff to take on board parents’ perspectives and creates a picture of the whole child.