Welcome to Wrens Class.

Our class teacher is Miss Crooks. 

Mrs Holgate teaches Wrens class every other Tuesday. 

We have Outdoor PE on Monday afternoons and Dellar Sports Coaches teach indoor PE on Wednesday afternoons.  

Each morning we have small PSHE sessions using a programme called Motional - it gives fun activities to develop skills that the children need to develop. At the moment we are currently working on Fear and Care which means that we are focusing on strategies to support us when we are feeling worried or anxious as well as activities to develop care for ourselves and others.

Activities we have enjoyed so far have been; cuddling and caring for our school guinea-pigs, giving and receiving relaxing hand massages, drawing pictures on a partners back for them to guess what we have drawn and having discussions on books we have read which promote talking about emotion/feelings like; Ravi's Roar (dealing with anger), Ruby's Worry and the Huge Bag of Worries (managing anxiety) and Perfectly Norman (which promotes everyone being unique and perfectly them). 

Our afternoon lessons are taught in blocks so over a period of a couple of weeks each afternoon our study lessons focus on a key area.  

This terms Study lessons are:

Science - Animals including humans and Plants

History - Lives of significant individuals: Mary Anning and David Attenborough 

Computing - Algorithms and Digital imagery 

Geography - UK and Continents 

Design and Technology - Food technology and Textiles

Art - Sculpture and Collage

As well as our Study lessons that focus on one of the key themes above we have weekly PE, RE, PSHE and Music lessons.