Clements Primary Academy Curriculum

Our curriculum aims to support pupils who attend our school by:

· Widening their KNOWLEDGE of the WORLD

· Increasing their subject VOCABULARY

· Developing their CURIOSITY


Our curriculum has been redesigned and will be implemented from January 2020. Our Curriculum coverage runs a 2 year rolling programme in Key Stage 1 and a 4 year rolling programme in Key Stage 2. This ensures that all subject knowledge is covered.

Our new curriculum has been planned to be cumulative and revisited. The principles of our curriculum have been designed based on retrieval and spaced practice. This enables us to make the most of opportunities for children’s learning to be repeated, embedded and secured through each subject.

Through our curriculum we aim to instil our 3 core values: Ready, Respectful, Safe.  Alongside this is our Success for All Cooperative Learning Standards:

  • Everyone participates
  • Active listening
  • Help and encourage each other
  • Explaining ideas and telling why
  • Completion of tasks

In addition to the above, children of all ages are offered plentiful enrichment opportunities including extra-curricular clubs, special themed days and educational visits.

Subject Notes


(including the teaching of phonics and early reading)

We follow an approach called Success For All, children in KS1 and KS2 are grouped according to their reading ability.  Assessments take place every 8 weeks to ensure that all children are working at their optimum level.  Using this approach, children are exposed to a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry which are used as the basis for writing stimuli.

Phonics is taught synthetically and systematically using the Kinder Roots and Roots elements of the programme.


Daily maths lessons are taught using Maths Mastery or White Rose Maths.


Science is taught in blocks.

PSHE PSHE is taught four times a week using Paths and activities informed by the 'motional' assessment tool.
Geography Geography is taught in blocks supported by curriculum visions.
History History is taught in blocks supported by curriculum visions.


Music is taught weekly by class teachers following the Charanga Scheme.  Children in year 3 are taught percussion by a peripatetic teacher from County Music Service.

Art/DT Art and DT are both taught in blocks following Kapow.
Computing Computing is taught in blocks following Kapow.


Weekly PE lessons are taught by class teachers or coaches from Dellar Sports.  Year 4 and 5 have weekly swimming lessons at Haverhill Leisure Centre in the spring and summer terms.


We follow the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus for RE using the Emmanuel Project. Staff teach RE weekly. 


Children in KS2 learn French. This is taught in blocks. 

Ultimately, our curriculum aims to provide stimulating and exciting learning experiences which develop core skills and offer opportunities for excellence and enjoyment.  Our curriculum also aims to promote the British values of democracy, law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of others from all backgrounds, faiths and beliefs.

The curriculum is lead by the Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Vicky Jennings, and the Trust Primary Curriculum Lead, Alex Bedford.